COVID Signage for School, Office, and Business

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New and additional signage in the office, stores, restaurants, and schools is an urgent necessity. And for spaces and buildings of size and with traffic, multiple wall, tabletop, and counter top signs are necessary.

Order Sign Holders Wholesale

Counter top and Wall mounting clear sign holders

An order for as few as 12 pieces qualifies for a low wholesale price. A big order is not necessary. Sizes vary from 4″x6″ to 11″x17″

Choose from either Self-Standing or Wall Mounting or a combination of both!

Self Standing Clear Plastic Sign Holders

Self standing units are made in one single piece of clear acrylic, approximately 1/8″ thick. Bent on a 45 degree angle, the image, sign or document tilts back a bit so the hold can stand firmly on a table or counter top. They are available in Portrait (vertical) and Landscape (horizontal) style.

Wall Mount Sign Holders

Sign holders come in various sizes from 4″x6″ to 11″x17″.

These come with various mounting options: Pre-drilled holes (screws not included), Velcro backed, Double faced mounting tape.

This product is all manufactured in USA. The material is bent in such a way so the document placed inside is held in by the pressure created by the bend in the material. A tiny piece if clear cello tape can be used as an extra measure to keep the document in place.

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