Glitter Crafts are Therapeutic

I don’t know about you, but I have a real love/hate relationship with making glitter crafts. Students love them because they’re  pretty and fun, but the glitter gets EVERYWHERE! It sticks to things and just doesn’t let go. It makes a HUGE mess and if you get it in the carpet? Forget it, you’re going to have glitter in your carpet forever. And yet, we still use it because we care about our students and want their learning experience to be as engaging as possible.

This is especially true fir our wonderful SPED teachers. You want your students to succeed but it can often be difficult to make sure everyone is engaged and learning in a way that is conducive to them-especially with limited resources. As a former aid in many SPED classrooms, I saw first hand how these classes can often get overlooked. As someone with ADHD myself, I know first-hand how important it is to have the ability to learn in your own way. Sometimes that means tools and aids that are conducive to their learning style and often those tools come in the form of toys. And having worked in schools I know that sometimes they are hard to get or provide for your students and you often have to buy your own supplies.

Why Buy Wholesale?

We understand the struggle to provide an interactive learning experience. We know how expensive the craft stores can be as well. You shouldn’t have to pay so much but you do because you care. Thankfully, if you buy in bulk from us, you can save a lot of money. We are here for you! Whether you need a craft or a tool that won’t break the bank and will help you and your students, here are some Ideas for you. Now I know that these require a LOT of glue and glitter. However, buying in bulk wholesale can save you money over time and keep you well stocked all year!

Glitter Bottles 2 ways


We all know that glitter bottles are a great tool and easy to make. You can even involve your students in this process. I recommend using old water bottles to keep costs down and re purpose plastic!


For both jars you will need:


The proportions of the glue and water are 20% glue, 80% water

Bottle 1

In a mixing bowl, mix the glue and water together along with glitter and liquid watercolor (see below). Mix well and add it to the bottle. And that’s it! Make sure that the water is cool when you put the lid back on. For safety, I also recommend super gluing the lid onto the bottle.

Liquid Watercolor

Take the color cake from the set of colors and cover it with the water. Let it sit for a couple minutes before stirring it until it is well mixed. Easy!

Pro Tip: Use two different colors of different sizes to make it even more awesome!

Bottle 2

For this one instead of clear glue, add the same amount into the mix. Same 20/80 with glitter but no watercolor. That’s it!

Glitter Slime

Now this one I wish I had been able to have when I was a kid! It’s an easy tool that you can do with your students and maybe even be able to have a mini science lesson.


You will need:

  1. Glitter glue
  2. Liquid starch
  3. Craft sticks

You will want to use 1/3 cup to every bottle of glue. Next, mix the starch and glue together with your craft stick until it seems mixed. After that, go in with your hands and kneed it til it turns into slime!

If you want to use multiple colors, just not all at once! Repeat as many times as you have colors. Roll the colors you want to use together and line them up next to each other. Take you slime and twist them together and roll it into a ball. Now you can play to your heart’s content. As you play with it, the colors will mix up into a more “galaxy” effect.

It is up to you how your students use these. However, I recommend putting them in tubs for your kids as a sensory box that they can pull out when they need them!


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