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Wholesale Pricing for Tarps – Buy Now For 2023 Hurricane Season

In the wake of Hurricane Ian of 2022, on-hand inventories of tarps are low.

It’s Time to Stock Up on Tarps for the 2023 Storm Season

Every year since we have been in the Tarp Wholesale business, many, many, many roofing and tarping contractors have called needing a RUSH tarp delivery. This, as storms and hurricanes have already been tracked over the South Atlantic Ocean and are fast approaching.

June 1st officially begins the 2023 Hurricane Season

Considering contractors probably used up all (or most) of their tarps last hurricane season, we’re HOPING they get an early start placing their opening orders this year. The season is NOW…so what ARE you waiting for?

Silly Storm Forecasters!

I found these headline links when I did a Google search for 2023 Hurricane Forecast. Take a look! Kinda silly, don’t you think? Hurricanes take lives and destroy property so I’m not intending to make light of potentially life-threatening storms.2023 Hurricane predictions

However….let’s face it, there WILL be at least 12 “named” storms (or 17 or…), there are always spinning off the southern tip of Africa in  but that doesn’t mean much because many of them will peter out before they ever reach the mainland.

As for predictions of “a normal” or “near-normal” Atlantic Hurricane season, well, I chuckled at the one that says, “More Unpredictable Than Usual.” That’s an LOL if I ever saw one!

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. supplies businesses who use or sell tarps in bulk quantities. Whether you need a case, a pallet, or a truckload, we have the goods in a huge selection of tarp sizes in 5mil and 10mil thicknesses.


LTL Freight Trucks

Freight Rates in 2023 – Trending Higher or Lower?

Since I started my wholesale company in 1986, freight rates have never been so high or more volatile than they are right now.

In this article, I’m going to give you MY perspective and experience as a buyer of domestic goods, as an importer of full-container shipments, and as an LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipper of products we sell at Mazer Wholesale, Inc.

First let’s get a little more specific about LTL trucking. LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) is any freight transportation firm that transports products in a truck in package form, on a pallet, or in a multiple-pallet shipment. UPS, Fedex are LTL, carriers, as well as trucking companies who specialize in delivering multiple shipments in a single load.

LTL Rates Are Still On The Rise in 2023

LTL rates continue to rise for several reasons. The upward pressure on freight costs are related to:

  • The affects of COVID which date back to around March, 2020: The loss off 1000’s of truck drivers who quit, died, or were laid off during the pandemic created a demand for new truck drivers. Demand drives up prices and in this case, truck drivers who remained working and incentives for newcomers to the truck driving business drove wages to new highs.


  • The Biden administration’s decision to return to foreign energy: Gasoline and diesel prices plummeted in the Trump administration and skyrockets when we went back to importing oil.


  • Inflation: Almost everything in the American economy has risen drastically in price since 2020. Operating costs of very company that produces, distributes, sells, and uses products Americans consume are affected by higher costs. Therefore, all business expenses are higher: employees’ wages, the manufacture of goods, storage, distribution, and transportation, in one form or another are affected by higher costs, and therefore, higher prices. It’s domino effect – Everything affects everything else.

At this time, we are still in an inflationary period so we and other experts (read this article courtesy of Ryder Commerce) expect trucking prices to continue their upward movement.

I predict that LTL prices will never return to pre pandemic rates because wages and other miscellaneous expenses in the transportation business will not fall anywhere near prices in other markets.

Ocean Freight Container Shipment
Ocean freight rates have dropped significantly – almost to pre-pandemic levels.

Good News for Ocean Freight Pricing

There’s a silver lining in this “freight” story. Ocean freight has dropped down to more traditional levels. A 40 foot container shipment from China (Asia) had spiked during the pandemic. Rates peaked in the range of $20,000 for a shipment from Shanghai to New York. That was up almost 10x the regular cost – generally in the range of $1600-$2400.

There’s no doubt the ocean freight carriers took advantage of an opportunity to GOUGE importers. During the ocean rate spike, which lasted more than 2 full years, most importers (large retailers and wholesalers) could not increase THEIR prices congruently with ocean freight costs. Let’s face it…paying $17,000 more for ocean freight adds for than a few pennies to the price of individual products. Companies like ours had to raise prices, but not at all congruently with our new costs. Profit margins took a dive…a deep one.

Now that the importing costs are down to earth, importers have a window of opportunity to keep their prices stable and possibly make up for some of the profit they gave up during those 2 years we ate all those cost increases.

As a wholesaler of nearly 40 years, I have seen big shake-ups in several industries. These events were largely cause by raw material shortages in one industry or another. The COVID-19 pandemic was obviously the biggest worldwide interruption in a lifetime, but it was a major learning lesson on many levels.

The Blunt and Honest Ending

The fact that ocean freight companies took advantage of an opportunity pales in comparison with what world governments (including the USA), did to illegally, forcefully, and lawlessly take away people’s rights and freedom.

Trucking Rates in 2023

Why Is Shipping So Expensive These Days?

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt for the next decade or more. Like a spring that has been stretched beyond its capacity, it will never be able to snap back to it’s original form. In THIS business owners opinion (and 37 years experience), freight rates will probably never come back to the levels prior to 2020.

When and How Will Freight Rates Drop?

At this point in time (post pandemic – specifically first quarter of 2023), we’re seeing fuel prices about 25% lower than their high about 18 months ago. As of the date of this post, Regular Unleaded Gasoline is in the neighborhood of $3.39/gallon and Diesel Fuel is about $4.49/gallon. So why are freight charges going up?

THIS business owner believes that fuel will need to drop an additional 20% or more from today’s rates for trucking companies to adjust their rates down, even a little. Why?

Pressures Keeping Trucking Rates High in 2023

The phenomenon of Supply and Demand is the major culprit today affecting shipping rates.

There’s a high demand for truck drivers because the trucking industry lost a lot of drivers during the pandemic. During 2020, all kinds of businesses were shut down and therefore, truck drivers were laid off. A great deal of them never returned. When businesses began to open up again, the shortage of truck drivers created demand and the greater demand created upward pressure on truck drivers’ wages.

I went out to assist in unloading a 2-pallet delivery into on of our warehouses and got into a conversation with the truck driver. There was something about him that was different than most of the truckers I’d experienced in my nearly 4 decades in the wholesale business. We had some small-talk and one thing led to the other and ultimately he revealed that he’s a college graduate. I don’t recall what he had his degree in, but it was something significant – impressive. The other thing he revealed is that he’s making  more money as a truck driver than he would have had he pursued a career related to his college degree.

UPS, Fedex, Amazon, Instacart and Other Delivery Services

America has learned that the convenience of small, quick delivery is a pretty good bargain, especially when most consumers are getting their stuff delivered free (at the vendors’ expense, at it IS expensive). The business who are selling the products are paying higher-than-ever prices, and the delivery vehicles are packed to the gills. This is partially due to the way most of us have come  appreciate the convenience of delivery and the fact that the delivery services are still scrambling to acquire more drivers.

As long as the demand for drivers continues to grow, the upward-pressure on shipping costs will remain a fact of life.

There’s No Such Thing as FREE SHIPPING

FREE SHIPPING is a math calculation. Everybody pays a freight charge. It’s either added to the bill or blended into the price of the product. Some places are more expensive to ship to, such as rural and remote areas, and some are less expensive, such as a city suburb. Businesses are in a constant state of analysis because of the variables that affect shipping costs and thus, profit margins.

At Mazer Wholesale, we do our best to keep our wholesale prices low. We add the freight charge to most orders (we a handful of free-shipping items), so that we remain the best choice even with the higher shipping rates we pay these days.


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cheap apt for rent signs

Plastic Signs – Wholesale Prices

Cheapest prices on plastic signs to sell in your store, to use in your place of business or property. Weather resistant, high visibility.

When you need to bulk order plastic signs for your business, you need a reliable wholesale supplier that can deliver without compromising quality. Find the ones you need for your retail store or for your property at Mazer Wholesale, Inc.

A Large Selection of Plastic Signs for Bulk Buyers

When you order our weatherproof plastic signs from Mazer Wholesale, you get to take advantage of bulk pricing you won’t find elsewhere.

We stock a wide range of plastic signs for hardware stores, dollar stores, discount stores, farm stores, general stores, owners of large properties, real estate agents, and well…all kinds of businesses.

Whether you are looking to designate no parking areas, No Smoking areas, show your business hours, or announce your yard sale, we’ve got the sign for you. These are superior in terms of value because of their durability, cost, high visibility, and weather-resistance.

Delivers Your Message on 9″x12 and 12″x16″ Highly Visible, Weather-Resistant Plastic Signs

Use them indoors or outdoors. The signs are printed with high visibility, fade-resistant colors.

We carry 61 different signs which means we cover just about every typicl need. Each title comes in a pack of 24.

Cheapest Prices for Plastic Signs

Don’t let the low price fool you. These signs are made to last. Plastic signs are inexpensive, making them ideal for bulk orders. Retailers enjoy great profit margins and bulk users of signs enjoy the low wholesale pricing.

Who Buys Plastic Signs in Bulk Quantities?

Most average homeowners need not buy signs in quantity. A home with a dog may wish to post 2 or 3 Beware of Dog signs around their property but bulk buyers are generally those with large, multi-acre properties and businesses.

Minimal Shipping Costs

Plastic signs are cheap to ship because we can fit several hundred of them in one box. Most orders ship via UPS.

Why Mazer Wholesale Is The Right Supplier For You?

Our business model is simple: To supply customers with lower prices than they will find in any big-box store with quick shipping and a broad selection. We’ve been successful with this model since 1986 (and our customers are quite pleased)!

If you have any further questions about our product lines, give us a call or visit our website at https://www.mazerwholesale.com

We have included a listing and links to all the popular PLASTIC SIGNS:

6″x11.5″ Open/Closed Sign with Clock7.5″x9″ Open/Closed Sign with ClockAbierto/ Cerrado 9″x12″

Apartment For Rent 9″x12″Apart For Rent 12″x16″Beware Of Dog 12″x16″

Beware of Dog 9″x12″Business Hours 12″x16″ Business Hours 9″x12″

Emergency Exit 12″x16″ Emergency Exit 9″x12″Employees Only 12″x16″

Employees Only 9″x12″ • Exit 12″x16″Exit 9″x12″

For Lease 12″x16″ For Lease 9″x12For Rent 12″x16″

For Rent 9″x12″ For Sale (2-Line) 12″x16″For Sale (2-Line) 9″x12″

For Sale 12″x16″For Sale 9″x12″ • Garage Sale 12″x16″Garage Sale 9″x12″

Help Wanted 12″x16″Help Wanted 9″x12″Keep Out 12″x16″ 

Keep Out 9″x12″Never Mind The Dog Beware of The Owner 12″x16″Never Mind The Dog Beware of The Owner 9″x12″

No Exchange No Refunds 12″x16″No Exchange No Refunds 9″x12″No Fumar/No Smoking 12″x16″ 

No Fumar/No Smoking 9″x12″No Intercambios No Se Devuelve El Dinero 12″x16″No Intercambios No Se Devuelve El Deniro 9″x12″

No Parking 12″x16″No Parking 9″x12″No Smoking 12″x16″

No Smoking 9″x12″No Soliciting 12″x16″No Soliciting 9″x12″

No Trespassing 12″x16″ • No Trespassing 9″x12″Open Sign w/ Closed Sign on Back 12″x16″

Open Sign w/ Closed Sign on Back 9″x12″ • Private Property No Trespassing 12″x16″Private Property No Trespassing 9″x12″

For Rent/Se Renta 12″x16″For Rent/Se Renta 9″x12″Se Vende/For Sale 12″x16″

Se Vende/For Sale 9″x12″ • Security Notice 12″x16″Security Notice 9″x12″

Tow Away 12″x16″Tow Away 9″x12″We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone 12″x16″

We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone 9″x12″ • Yard Sale 12″x16″Yard Sale 9″x12″

Wholesaler of school and stationery supplies

Stationery Wholesaler For School & Office Supplies

Quality school and office supplies at true wholesale prices are challenging to find. Mazer Wholesale, Inc.  is a great source for those wanting to pay less on bulk purchases of school supplies! We’re known for our great prices and quick shipments.

Whether you want to buy in bulk school and office supplies for your business use or to sell in your store, we’ve got everything from notebooks and binders to pens, tape, compass, dry erase boards, and much more.

Save money on bulk quantities with Mazer Wholesale’s low pricing!

Low Prices Back-To-School And Office Supplies Categories

No matter whether you’re a small business, nonprofit, charity, or educator, we’ve got the best and broad selection of wholesale back-to-school and office supplies.

Who Orders Shool & Office Supplies in Bulk?

Customers who order stationery products are:

  • Charitable organizations who donate school supplies to schools, churches, an underprivileged children
  • Museum shops
  • Retail stores
  • Businesses who use stationery items in large quantities or combine them with other products to create kits

Large Selection Of Stationery – in Many Categories

Want to know more about our premium wholesale school supply categories? Read on!

Wholesale Clipboards

Shop wholesale clipboards in various colors, sizes, and styles, to find a perfect fit, meeting your needs. Our cheapest prices help nonprofits, small businesses, and charities get a wide array of clipboards at a fraction of a retail cost.

Buy in bulk your favorite wholesale clipboards at the cheapest prices. Choose from our various bulk clipboards:

Wholesale Shipping And Envelope Packing Supplies

In our inter-connected worldwide economy, it’s increasingly challenging to run daily operations without reliable and quality shipping and envelope packing products.

We have everything you require to affordably re-stock your shipping and envelope supplies – wholesale, lowest prices, wide selection, and prompt shipping.

Choose from our various high-quality shipping and envelope packing supplies:

Wholesale Prices, Markers, And Highlighter Pens

Want to leave a lasting mark? Look no further than Mazer Wholesale markers and highlighter pens! Our high-grade wholesale highlighters and markers come in all colors, shapes, and designs, and are specifically designed to fill brighten your world.

Listed below are our top-quality wholesale markers and highlighter pens you can buy in bulk:

Buy In Bulk Rubber Bands

Believe it or not, a rubber band is a versatile back-to-school and office supply. It can be utilized to bundle, tie, secure, or pack papers, cords, boxes, and much more.

Used in almost all industries, a rubber band is a cost-effective solution for many offices and school works. Luckily, Mazer Wholesale provides you with the lowest prices rubber bands you can buy in bulk for your business or retail store.

Choose from our various high-quality rubber bands:

Wholesale Rulers

Buy wholesale rulers at Mazer Wholesale to make measurement more fun and easy. Our excellent selection of high-quality rulers includes everything essential, from plastic rulers to wooden sticks and more.

Buy in bulk your favorite rulers at the cheapest prices. Choose from our various wholesale rulers:

Sharp Wholesale Utility, Blades, And Craft Knives

Find utility, blades, and craft knives in bulk quantities at Mazer Wholesale!  We provide a wide variety of utility and craft knives in several styles and designs for box-cutting.

Listed below are our top utility and craft knives you can buy in bulk:

Buy Wholesale Kids’ Art And Craft Supplies

Create something unique with our wholesale kid’s art and craft supplies. These exciting and unique materials and tools will tap your creative side.

Why bother purchasing art crafts online when you can buy in bulk from Mazer Wholesale at the lowest prices possible?

Choose from our various top-quality arts and craft supplies:

Wholesale Backpacks

With a variety of wholesale backpacks for various needs, Mazer Wholesale is your go-to shop for quality backpacks at the cheapest prices. Our stocks are full of bulk backpacks to help you fulfill your needs.

Under this heading, we’ll explain six different wholesale backpacks for kids of all ages and levels with color options that retail stores can buy in bulk:

Wholesale Discount On Calculators

Stock up wholesale calculators for your retail store or business at reasonable prices with Mazer Wholesale – your all-in-one shop for buying basic and advanced calculators in bulk.

Listed below are our best wholesale calculators you can buy in bulk:

Buy In Bulk Chalk For Writing And Drawing

Get chalk in bulk quantities from Mazer Wholesale at rates you won’t find elsewhere. Whether you want to write, draw or play hopscotch, our wide selection of high-quality bulk chalk is a perfect treat for kids and adults.

We’ll explain six buy-in-bulk chalk sets that retail stores and SMEs can purchase at Mazer Wholesale:

Wholesale School Compass Sets

Equip your employees, customers, and students with excellent drafting compasses from Mazer Wholesale!

Also known as pencil compasses, they’re designed specifically to help create perfect arcs and circles, which makes them highly valuable in geometry, drafting, trigonometry, navigation, engineering, and other fields.

Looking for the cheapest compasses? Mazer Wholesale can help! Choose your favorite compass in bulk at the lowest prices possible:

Lowest Prices Wholesale Tape And Correction Fluids

Make your mistakes disappear completely with Mazer Wholesale tape and correction fluids. Choose your favorite correction tape and fluid in bulk quantities at remarkable wholesale prices.

Listed below are our best wholesale tape and correction fluids you can purchase in bulk:

Bulk Crayons

With Mazor Wholesale top-quality bulk crayons, no artist needs to suffer or limit their creativity! Our bulk crayons help people express themselves freely to the best of their abilities.

Choose from our premium jumbo-size and standard-size crayons to make a lasting artistic impact:

Wholesale File Folders And Binders

In terms of keeping papers and documents organized, few ways beat the age-old binders and file folders. Want to buy high-quality, reliable binders and file folders? Buying in bulk quantities from Mazer Wholesale is the perfect way to go.

Listed below are our best wholesale file folders and binders you can buy in bulk:

Wholesale Cheap Kids Flashcards

Flash cards are highly effective at learning new concepts and skills in a jiffy. Buying flashcards in bulk at the lowest prices from Mazer Wholesale is an investment you won’t regret.

Whether you run a retail store or a small business, our extensive collection of wholesale flashcards is a perfect treat.

Choose your favorite wholesale flashcards from our wide pool:

Wholesale All-Purpose Glue

Get amazing discounts on school and office supplies when shopping at Mazer Wholesale for glue in bulk. Our buy-in-bulk glue collection features some of the best, high-quality glue products ranging from glue sticks, super glue, glue pens, craft glue, glitter glue, and more.

Listed below are our top-quality glue products that you can buy in bulk at the cheapest prices:

Discounted Wholesale Hole Punch

Want to cut holes in paper? Bulk purchase of hole punch tools can help you do it cleanly and quickly. From making your art classes more fun to keeping presentations together, Mazer Wholesale has the equipment and tools you require.

We have a wide variety of hole punchers such as three-hole, single hole, and more at the cheapest prices.

Choose and buy your favorite hole punch in bulk:

Wholesale Lowest Prices Magnifiers

Use bulk magnifiers from Mazer Wholesale to see things in a new way. We’ve got a broad range of cheap magnifiers to help you look in detail with fine print.

Available in different sizes and designs, our magnifying glasses are best for students, kids, camps, classes, and more.

Listed below are our best magnifying products that you can buy in bulk at the lowest prices:

Buy In Bulk Markers

Stock up bulk markers at a fraction of retail costs. From washable markers and dry erase markers to watercolor markers, metallic markers, and more, we are your go-to shop for markers bulk purchases.

Choose your favorite bulk markers from our wide selection of top-quality markers:

Wholesale Notebooks, Papers, Stationery, And Tablets

Get school papers at remarkably affordable prices when shopping at Mazer Wholesale for bulk filler papers and notebooks.

Our broad range of wholesale papers and notebooks includes various sizes and styles to accommodate different people and industries, including offices, small businesses, and schools.

Browse through our reliable selection of notebooks, papers, tablets, and stationery. Consider the following six wholesale notebooks and other equipment:

Wholesale Paper Clips, Binder Clips, Pins, And Tacks

Keep your things together with bulk purchase paper clips, binder clips, and pins from Mazer Wholesale. Paper clips are versatile office and school products that can be utilized to pin notes, mark pages, fasten documents, and more.

Ordering wholesale paper clips, binder clips, pins, and tacks for your business or retail store has never been easier. Choose from our wide selection of paper clips and others:

Bulk Pencil Cases And Pencil Pouches

Make school and learning a bit fun for pupils with these bulk pencil cases and pencil pouches from Mazer Wholesale!

These pencil pouches and cases help students remain organized by keeping various stationery items such as pencils, crayons, markers, erasers, sharpeners, stash pens, etc., in their respective spaces.

Browse through our broad selection of bulk pencil cases and pouches to find items that best meet your needs.

Wholesale Pencil Erasers

Make your errors disappear instantly with Mazer Wholesale bulk purchase pencil erasers. Shop for wholesale pencil erasers in all styles, colors, and sizes.

With our cheapest prices, bulk purchase of pencil erasers from oval and fashion erasers to stick and vinyl erasers can help you save big.

Choose your favorite pencil erasers in bulk from our stock:

Wholesale Pencil Sharpeners

Convey your message loud and clear with our reliable wholesale sharpeners. Stock up either for your personal use or resell them to earn profits; we’ve got a wide range of industrial-style pencil sharpeners to choose from.

Listed below are our best pencil sharpeners that you can buy in bulk at the lowest prices:

Bulk Pencils

Write clean and fast with our wholesale pencils. Not only do we provide excellent discounts on bulk purchases, but also offer a wide variety of pencil styles and colors so everyone gets a perfect writing utensil.

Browse through our bulk pencil collections to choose that suits your style and needs:

Discounted Wholesale Pens

Stock up classroom, office, or your home with these top-quality wholesale pens from Mazer Wholesale. Choose from trendy pens, gel pens, ballpoint pens, stick pens, and more at the amazingly lowest prices.

Browse through our wide wholesale pen collection that comes in various styles and colors to suit your needs:

Wholesale Scissors

Slash your increasing costs with our wholesale scissors and trimmers. From safety scissors, multi-purpose scissors, scallop scissors, rolling scissors to kid’s scissors, metal scissors, and more, we’ve got a perfect bulk scissor collection for small businesses or retail stores at the cheapest prices.

Listed below are our best wholesale scissors and trimmers that you can buy in bulk at the lowest prices:

Buy Lowest Prices Wholesale Staplers

No office or school desk is complete if it lacks a stapler. Stock up wholesale staplers and stapler removers from Mazer Wholesale – your one-stop shop for bulk purchases.

Buy wholesale staplers and related accessories at Mazer Wholesale and get a discount you won’t get from any other wholesale shop.

Choose your favorite wholesale staplers in bulk from our stock:

Buy In Bulk Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are increasingly popular among kids and adults because you can apply them anywhere such as on book pages, doors, refrigerators, etc., and remove them without creating or leaving a mess.

Seeking both quality and convenience without paying high prices? Mazer Wholesale can help! We’ve got a range of selections for bulk sticky notes to help you find the product that best meets your requirements

Browse through our best-quality sticky notes to choose your favorite product in bulk:

Wholesale Study Sets

Buy in bulk study sets from Mazer Wholesale at the lowest prices. Our study tools are specifically designed for professionals and students, delivering a perfect blend of precision and ease.

From geometry kits to protractor sets, teachers and students will love Mazer Wholesale study and math sets available in various attractive colors.

Choose your favorite study sets in bulk from our stock:

Bulk Tape

Believe it or not, the tape is a must-have office and back-to-school supply. Used for multiple things such as sealing packages, posting signage, etc., it’s an essential office staple that you need to buy in bulk.

Shop from Mazer Wholesale to get the best deals and a wide selection from decorative tapes, shipping tapes, mounting tapes to tape guns, invisible tapes, and much more at the cheapest prices.

Listed below are our best wholesale tapes that you can buy in bulk at the lowest prices:

Wholesale Whiteboards, Cork Boards, And Dry-Erase Boards

Looking for affordable bulk whiteboards, cork boards, and dry-erase boards? Look no further than Mazer Wholesale!

While whiteboards allow students and professionals to pen ideas quickly, they also allow them to write, erase and re-write concepts or ideas they work on.

At Mazer Wholesale, you’ll find a range of wholesale whiteboards, dry-erase boards, and cork boards at the lowest prices possible.

Browse through our premium whiteboards and related items to choose your favorite product in bulk:


Looking for the best quality back-to-school and office supply you can buy in bulk? Choose Mazer Wholesale – your all-in-one shop for bulk purchases!

We’ve got a wide selection of stationery products with excellent packing and quality at the lowest prices.

Browse through our reliable stationery for school and office and choose the products you need to achieve goals and success.

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