Wood Chisel 1″

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A wood chisel is a cutting tool used in woodworking for shaping, carving, and cutting wood.

The price is PER CASE. 6-72 packs per case.

1” Wood Chisel at True Wholesale Price

  • They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of woodworking tasks.
  • Chisels come in various widths, and the right width depends on the specific woodworking task.
  • Wood chisel handles are typically made of wood or composite materials.
  • Look for chisels with blades that are hardened to maintain a sharp edge.

1″ Wood Chisel on Bulk Sale

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This product is sold only in full-pack quantities with 72 packs per case. The minimum order is 1 case containing 72 packs.

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Weight 20.94 lbs

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