Clear Plastic Sign Holders For Sale

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Acrylic Photo Frame

Are you looking for a great price on Clear Plastic Sign Holders? You’re in the right place!

Buy Acrylic Sign Holders at Low Wholesale Prices – Made in USA

Our acrylic sign holders are made in the USA. Each piece is poly-bagged, and are shipped in heavy-duty cardboard boxes lined on all sizes with a perfectly-fitting piece of styrofoam. We guarantee every piece will be delivered in perfect condition-free of cracks or scratches.

For our selection of the Acrylic Frame inventory we have available regularly – CLICK HERE.

Here are some more features:

  • Made from crystal clear plastic sheets
  • 1-piece construction-bent and cut with precision equipment so that your signs, photos, or certificates, will fit perfectly
  • They come in self-standing and wall-mounting options
  • We ship quickly
  • Our factory can even accommodate orders for special sizes (certain minimum order requirements apply)
clear wall mount sign holder
This wall mounting sign holder is pre-drilled for mounting with screws.

Wall-mounting sign holders come in a variety of sizes: 4″ x 6″, 8-1/2″ x 11″, and 11″x 17″ and they can be ordered with pre-drilled screw holes, velcro back, magnetic back, or double-sided mounting tape.

Who Buys Clear Plastic Sign and Photo Holders?

We ship clear plastic sign holders all over the country. Here’s a list of the types of customers who buy them from us:

  • Schools buy them for events where they may be used for photos of sports teams or art class projects
  • Churches buy them for fundraising projects, particularly for menus or bid sheets for silent auctions or Chinese auctions
  • Retailers buy them to set on top of merchandise to call attention to products or to advertise the prices. Some retailers buy them wholesale and resell them to their customers
  • Wall-mounted sign holders are often used in commercial buildings for the typical reasons signs are needed.
  • Health clubs, country clubs, and other types of businesses use the wall-mounting sign holders to advertise upcoming events and sales

Custom Size Acrylic Picture Holders

Bottom Loading Clear Plastic Sign Holders
Bottom loading sign holders.

We have a very long and close relationship with the factory that manufactures these Acrylic picture holders and they are willing to accommodate orders for custom sizes. Typically, orders for custom sizes must be a minimum of $750. We will always be able to give you a reasonably accurate lead time.

Sizes and Styles of Acrylic Document Holders

We stock the most common sizes and styles of acrylic document holders. The factory can make most any sizes you do not see on our website, from 2″x3″ to 11″x17″ and beyond. We sell the self-standing slant-backed, bottom loading, flat mounting, and the factory is soon to introduce an even greater selection.

COVID Signage for School, Office, and Business

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New and additional signage in the office, stores, restaurants, and schools is an urgent necessity. And for spaces and buildings of size and with traffic, multiple wall, tabletop, and counter top signs are necessary.

Order Sign Holders Wholesale

Counter top and Wall mounting clear sign holders

An order for as few as 12 pieces qualifies for a low wholesale price. A big order is not necessary. Sizes vary from 4″x6″ to 11″x17″

Choose from either Self-Standing or Wall Mounting or a combination of both!

Self Standing Clear Plastic Sign Holders

Self standing units are made in one single piece of clear acrylic, approximately 1/8″ thick. Bent on a 45 degree angle, the image, sign or document tilts back a bit so the hold can stand firmly on a table or counter top. They are available in Portrait (vertical) and Landscape (horizontal) style.

Wall Mount Sign Holders

Sign holders come in various sizes from 4″x6″ to 11″x17″.

These come with various mounting options: Pre-drilled holes (screws not included), Velcro backed, Double faced mounting tape.

This product is all manufactured in USA. The material is bent in such a way so the document placed inside is held in by the pressure created by the bend in the material. A tiny piece if clear cello tape can be used as an extra measure to keep the document in place.

4×6 Clear Acrylic Photo Holders-Wholesale Prices

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Clear acrylic photo frames
Wholesale pricing for as little as 1-dozen pieces!

Acrylic photo holders are a very versatile item. These are made with one piece construction. The bend at the bottom otherwise called the foot, holds frame in its upright position. To see our wholesale pricing and place your order, CLICK HERE.

Lowest Wholesale Prices for 4 x 6 Clear Acrylic Photo Frame.

Not only are they used for holding pictures, but they are also commonly used as sign holders. They can be used at retail stores, restaurants, or any other setting where a sign is needed. They are naturally dirt and stain resistant. Just wipe them off with a soft, damp cloth or apply nonabrasive household cleaner if needed. To see our wholesale pricing and place your order, CLICK HERE.

These plastic photo or sign holders are crystal clear and the material is approximately 1/8 of an inch in thickness. Ours are made right here in the USA.

The 4×6 acrylic photo holder is sold in packs of 12. We carry them in both vertical and horizontal positions. Some people refer to the horizontal as 6 x 4.

For Wholesale Pricing on All Sizes of Acrylic Photo Frames, Sign Holders and Document Holders, CLICK HERE

Mazer wholesale has been selling these plastic picture frames since way back in the 1990s. Our primary business began as strictly a wholesaler to the retail trade. However many other businesses and groups have discovered our low wholesale prices online so we have opened up our inventory to the public. Anyone who needs as few as 1 dozen piece can now get a true wholesale price on 4 x 6 acrylic photo holders.

As with all our products we stand behind everything we sell. We guarantee these picture frames to be free of defects and 100% first quality merchandise. Mazer Wholesale is proud to have served thousands of customers over the years with this product with much success. We also carry many other sizes and we love special orders. Large quantities over 600 pieces qualify for even deeper discounts. Please call to inquire.

Clear acrylic picture holders are often used at events such as silent auctions. Group events like golf outings, Scout events, weddings, banquets, or other special occasion when groups get together to take photos or need signage for table tops, menus or directions. Each picture frame is packed in a clear poly bag to prevent scratching during shipping. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info at major or call us toll free at +1-800-343-0780. We look forward to serving you.

Click here to order acrylic photo frames online.

Clear Plastic Sign Holders-Photo Frames-Document Holders

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Why pay retail when you can buy wholesale and enjoy the convenience of delivery to your door?clear plastic sign holders

Lowest Prices on Clear Plastic Sign Holders

American-made and 100% first quality clear acrylic frames can be purchased online at pricing far below stores like Staples, Office Depot and other office and business supply retailers.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. established in 1986 primarily as a supplier for retailers makes almost all our products available to both consumers and businesses at true wholesale pricing.

Clear acrylic frames and document holders come in various shapes, sizes and functionalities.

The self-standing photo holders are ideal for table-top (or shelf-top) display. Pricing, photos and special promotions stand out neatly in these clean, low profile units. The most popular sizes are 4 x 6 , 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and 8-1/2 x 11 which is the size of standard copy paper (computer printer paper).  They are available in vertical or horizontal positions.

Flat sign holders offer the lowest profile. You will often see these used in elevators, the back of doors in businesses and hotels, and on walls in various applications including restrooms. The standard stock size is 8-1/2 x 11 in both vertical and horizontal position.  They come with you choice of pre-drilled holes or screwless using double-faced mounting tape or Velcro.

We work closely and  directly with the manufacturer, we can fill orders quickly and for just about any quantity large or small. Special orders for special sizes are also possible (minimum orders may be required).

Our customers include hotels, restaurants, retailers, training facilities, groups who use them for displaying menus for silent auctions, and party planners. We even welcome consumers who want to buy as few as one dozen for their own use or small event.

All our acrylic frames are packed carefully in shipping boxes and are promised to be first quality and free from breakage upon delivery. Should any products arrive damaged or otherwise inferior in any way, we will replace them.  Mazer Wholesale stands behind all items we sell. We have been a trusted source of goods for retailers, wholesalers and other businesses since 1986.  We feel honored to be given the opportunity to serve you.  We’re a little old fashioned that way…and we hope it shows.

For the best in pricing and service, buy your acrylic frames from Mazer Wholesale, Inc.

Place your order either online or by phone.  We love talking to customers, answering your questions and helping you solve problems.

Wholesale Plastic Sign Holders

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Bulk Purchase Plastic Sign Holders at Wholesale Prices

Plastic sign holders come in a variety of sizes and varieties. They are a cheap and effective way to describe and display products, make announcements, deliver a message or increase awareness.

Self-Standing or Wall Mounting Plastic Sign Holders Made of Clear Acrylic

Working directly with the manufacturer right here in the USA, we provide various styles and sizes and can also provide custom sizes when requested.  Standard sizes are as follows:Acrylic sign holders-clear plastic

4 x 6 

5 x 7 

8 x 10

8-1/2 x 11

If you click the link on any of the sizes listed above, you can see the current wholesale prices on the website.  Self-standing sign holders (which can also accommodate photos and documents) have a bent bottom which allow them to stand unassisted.  Wall-mounting versions are equipped with either velcro strips in the back or double-sided mounting tape which hold them securely on the wall or a back of a door.

We also carry a version for the 8-1/2 x 11 size with 2 pre-drilled screw holes for applications which demand a more permanent or stronger application.

Wall Mounted Signs for Restrooms and Hotel Rooms

Notice the next time you go into a hotel room, there’s almost always a detailed description of the check out time and emergency exit instruction document inserted into a clear plastic sign holder on the back of the door.  Many restaurants, health clubs, and country clubs deliver messages to patrons in their restrooms with wall-mounted signs!


Ideas for Kids’ Craft Projects Using Clear Acrylic Photo Frames

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Clear plastic picture frames are a great item to use for crafts for children in preschool,  kindergarten, or daycare centers.  Even children of ages up to 10 or 11 years old can really get involved in a fun craft project using acrylic picture frames.

Craft Project for Kids Using Picture Frames

Decorating picture frames is not a new idea however making these clear acrylic picture frames into fun 3 dimensional keepsakes is a great way to keep the kids busy and to send them home with something their parents can really appreciate and treasure forever.

Today those flat paper projects just don’t get displayed on the refrigerator doors as before because so many people have stainless steel refrigerators these days.

Acrylic photo holders, which are also referred to as sign holders, come in various sizes: 5 x 7 and 8-1/2 x 11 are the most popular sizes. These clear plastic picture frames stand on their own on a shelf or tabletop. Because of our low wholesale price this is a very fun and affordable project to do with children.

Buy Wholesale for a Cheap Yet Memorable Activity and Keepsake

Similar acrylic frames retail for approximately triple the price at major retail office supply and craft stores. Our low minimum order makes it so you can buy just what you need for your classroom or group.

In this video observe how we incorporated child-safe glue stick, macaroni, pipe cleaners, craft pom poms, and water colors paints to make a fun activity. These are a 3 dimensional memorable keepsake children and their parents will treasure forever.