Wholesale Plastic Sign Holders

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Bulk Purchase Plastic Sign Holders at Wholesale Prices

Plastic sign holders come in a variety of sizes and varieties. They are a cheap and effective way to describe and display products, make announcements, deliver a message or increase awareness.

Self-Standing or Wall Mounting Plastic Sign Holders Made of Clear Acrylic

Working directly with the manufacturer right here in the USA, we provide various styles and sizes and can also provide custom sizes when requested.  Standard sizes are as follows:Acrylic sign holders-clear plastic

4 x 6 

5 x 7 

8 x 10

8-1/2 x 11

If you click the link on any of the sizes listed above, you can see the current wholesale prices on the mazerwholesale.com website.  Self-standing sign holders (which can also accommodate photos and documents) have a bent bottom which allow them to stand unassisted.  Wall-mounting versions are equipped with either velcro strips in the back or double-sided mounting tape which hold them securely on the wall or a back of a door.

We also carry a version for the 8-1/2 x 11 size with 2 pre-drilled screw holes for applications which demand a more permanent or stronger application.

Wall Mounted Signs for Restrooms and Hotel Rooms

Notice the next time you go into a hotel room, there’s almost always a detailed description of the check out time and emergency exit instruction document inserted into a clear plastic sign holder on the back of the door.  Many restaurants, health clubs, and country clubs deliver messages to patrons in their restrooms with wall-mounted signs!